can it make you lose weight?

Chocolate Diet: Can It Make You Lose Weight?

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Chocolate Diet: Can It Make You Lose Weight?

Against all expectations, it is possible to lose weight while eating chocolate … But be careful, you have to choose the latter, and respect some principles of dietary balance. We explain the principle of this chocolate diet.

You think that slimming diet and chocolat are incompatible? Think again ! It is quite possible to lose weight without doing without this little pleasure. It is also the basis of the famous “chocolate diet”, inspired by the book by Dr Will Clower, Eat chocolate, lose weight (eat chocolate, lose weight).

Chocolate diet: what is it?

Of course, it is not a question of eating only with this gluttony. This regime consists rather of train your palate to feast on slightly sweet chocolate. Before and after each meal, we consume a small square of dark chocolate more than 70% cocoa, because it does not induce a glycemic peak and has an interesting content of antioxidants.

Ultimately, eat more “good chocolate”Is believed to help you stop eating“ bad chocolate ”- from a health perspective.

What motivated Dr Clower to write this book was the spectacular weight loss of one of his patients, who relieved himself of 45 kilos while savoring delicious dark chocolate. The nutritionist wanted to shatter the myth that this food is bad for the figure, and show that it actually contains antioxidants that can help with weight loss.

The two golden rules of the chocolate diet

His method is based on an eight week diet plan, and is based on two key rules. The first says you must eat 25 grams of dark chocolate to more than 70% cocoa per day, in solid form – either one or two bars, depending on the size of the tablet.

The second is that you should not eat everything at once, but to divide this portion of chocolate, so as to eat a square before and after each of your meal main. These must, of course, be varied and balanced.

Dark chocolate reduces your cravings for sweets

The main goal of the chocolate diet is to reduce your sugar cravings, thanks to the regular and moderate intake of dark chocolate. This fills those little impulses and comfort, because it promotes the secretion of endorphins and serotonin by the body. This diet therefore works by stopping snacking and the consumption of fast sugars – in food, but also in drinks.

If you are worried about not being able to limit yourself to a single square, and to work the whole bar, opt for a chocolate between 90 and 100% cocoa, which acts like a real appetite suppressant. In his book The best medicine is you! (ed. Albin Michel), nutritionist Frédéric Saldmann explains: this effect is linked to a decrease in ghrelin, a hormone known to play a role in triggering appetite ”.

It works… if you eat a balanced diet!

The chocolate diet can make you lose up to 4 kilos during the first two weeks, provided that you follow its basic rules and that you eat healthy, in reasonable quantities. He suppose to do three balanced meals per day and not to snack between these meals.

As a reminder, a balanced meal consists of a good portion of vegetables (at least 50% of the plate), accompanied by a protein (meat, fish, egg or legumes) and a starchy preferably whole (rice, pasta, bulgur, bread…) and a tablespoon of fat. It can end with a natural dairy product, a fruit or a compote. Remember, too, to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Diagram: what does a balanced meal consist of?

On the other hand, it is not because it is called “chocolate diet” that it allows you to indulge yourself on brownies, ice creams and other chocolate desserts. ultra-caloric. As we explained to you on the previous page, the objective is, on the contrary, to reduce your cravings for sweets, by filling them with a few grams of dark chocolate, which must be taken the time to enjoy.


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