Can Joe Biden fix Trump’s carnage?

Joe Biden, the new Democratic president who will be inaugurated on January 20, will not have it easy to govern and reconcile the country. An analysis published in The Economist.

Four years ago, Donald Trump stood in front of Capitol Hill to be invested and vowed to end the “American carnage”. Her term ends with images of a sitting president tricking the crowd into marching on Congress – then praising her after she resorts to violence.

Terrible blow to democracy

There is no doubt that Trump is the author of this terrible blow to American democracy. His lies stirred resentment, his contempt for the Constitution directed this resentment towards Congress, his demagoguery lit the fuse. These rioters that we see storming the Capitol are emblematic of Trump’s anti-American presidency.

The violence against the Capitol was intended as a show of force. In fact, it was hiding two losses. As Trump supporters burst into the building, Congress was certifying the results of President Donald Trump’s indisputable defeat in November. And as crowds smashed windows, Democrats celebrated two unexpected electoral victories in Georgia, which saw them gain control of the Senate.

The complaints of the rioters will be relayed by the Republican Party, now in the opposition. And that will have repercussions for Joe Biden’s presidency, which begins on January 20.

Republican fiasco

The Republicans’ fiasco under Trump seems obvious. This party which, in 2016, had conquered the White House and retained a majority in Congress finds itself losing everything four years later. The


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