Can the Olympic joint team become an opportunity for the development of Chinese women’s football?

Can the Olympic joint team become an opportunity for the development of Chinese women’s football?

On September 23, the semi-finals of the adult women’s football team of the 14th National Games kicked off at the Shaanxi Provincial Stadium. The combined Olympic team defeated the Beijing team to advance to the final. That night, the host Shaanxi team fought fiercely with the Shanghai team, and ultimately lost. The Olympic joint team will compete with the Shanghai team for the women’s football championship in the current National Games.

At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese women’s football team encountered a strong enemy and failed to qualify for the group. After returning to China, Shanghai Women’s Football Coach Shui Qingxia took charge of coaching the Olympic Women’s Football United Team for the 14th National Games. In the group stage, the Olympic team defeated the Shaanxi team and the Jiangsu team successively, and successfully advanced to the semi-finals with the first place in the group.

In the semifinals between the Olympic joint team and the Beijing team, many of the main players of the Beijing team were absent and they were not opponents of the Olympic joint team. The Beijing team will prepare for the bronze medal battle.

The rules for the women’s adult team of the current National Games adopt the “double-elimination-elimination system”, with a total of 8 teams participating. The first two rounds of the group stage are over. If there are teams with two consecutive victories and two consecutive losses, they will not In the third round, the two-game winning streak directly advances to the semi-finals, while the two-game losing streak is eliminated from the championship and enters the qualifying round.

The most watched Olympic team in the National Games women’s football game won two consecutive games and won the right to qualify. However, unlike the easy victory over the Beijing team, they both struggled to win against the Shaanxi team and the Jiangsu team, and they were even crushed by their opponents in the first half of the two games. It can be seen that the gap between the overall combat effectiveness of this team and individual provincial teams is very small, and the overall strength of the team needs to be improved. If there is a slight omission, it is not impossible to lose to the provincial team.

Once, the Chinese women’s football is a good memory of Chinese football from a generation of people. Before going to Tokyo, the outside world was full of expectations for this Chinese women’s football team. But when the reality of failing to qualify in the group stage was revealed to everyone, people have to admit that there is still a big gap between the Chinese women’s football and even the Asian women’s football team and the top teams in the world’s women’s football. The problems exposed in the Tokyo Olympics, such as lack of experience in the Chinese women’s football competition, erroneous prediction of the game trend, and lack of control, all need to be resolved urgently.

For the Olympic joint team led by Shui Qingxia, it is the key to show a good competitive state and team cohesion at the National Games, and to find the direction of development that will continue to strengthen its strength in the future. The National Games competition is like a question-and-answer class after a big exam. The new coaching style and the reappearance after adjustment all mean that the Olympic team needs to complete a lot more.

As one of the highest-level women’s football competitions in China, the National Games is a “training ground” for training new players and selecting talents for the Olympics, as well as a “talent training base” for Chinese women’s football to compete in international competitions. However, in recent years, the development path between the National Games and the Olympic Games has not been given enough attention. Which one is more important has not been recognized by women’s football practitioners. The results of the National Games will even become the national team. The “baton” in the Olympic arena. Therefore, what this team needs most now is to carry out a scientific reconstruction through the National Games, discover more outstanding young players from various provinces and cities through the National Games, replenish fresh blood, and provide opportunities for young players. The provinces and cities also need more scientific incentive measures to solve problems such as the training of reserve talents.

In the latest FIFA women’s football world rankings, Chinese women’s football ranked 17th. The process of the Chinese women’s football team becoming a world-class team is destined to be difficult, and it also requires sacrifices and changes. The 14th National Games may be an opportunity for the Chinese women’s football team to change.

(Our reporter Wang Dong and Huang Xiaoyi)


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