Can we fight both Covid-19 and global warming?

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As states prepare for the post-pandemic world, climate experts are pushing for a greener economy to fight global warming, which could do far more damage than Covid-19. But some economists are not convinced of the possibility of managing the two crises head-on.

“Prevention is better than cure.” This is a saying that sums up what the Covid-19 pandemic reminded us of: States that are best prepared for health risks are those that have the best chance of resisting them. But at a time when governments are working on stimulus packages around the world, voices are rising to demand a greener economy. For some experts, this is the moment to step up our efforts against global warming, while others say that this money would be wasted.

Benjamin Zycher is an American economist, he thinks that the recovery of the economy after the pandemic will not be compatible with investments for the climate. Karen Christiana Figueres is a diplomat from Costa Rica and a specialist in climate issues, she defends the opposite position and believes that these two crises must be tackled head on. Here are two diametrically opposed views on the issue, relayed by the Financial times in an article translated by International mail, explained by us in the video to see above.


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