Can winter be saved?

Wacky: Before Corona, the ski tourists in Ischgl sometimes got pretty close.
Image: Ôø? Reinhard Schmid / HUBER IMAGES

No more après-ski on a grand scale and wearing a mask at the ski lift: winter tourism in the Alps wants to prevent a second Ischgl. Therefore, it should be more comfortable – only the ski lifts should go faster because of Corona.

Noch there is Indian summer in large parts of Austria. This attracts many sun seekers to the Salzkammergut and other lake areas. Hoteliers and cable car operators are already looking nervously to the winter season. Much will be different this year. Mouth and nose protection and minimum clearance become standard on and in the ski lift. And après-ski, the afternoon watering of a more or less successful day of skiing, which has become a popular habit for many tourists, will no longer exist on a large scale. The fear that a ski area like Ischgl will again become an epidemic center from which the coronavirus spreads on the continent is too great. Coziness will overtake loud partying.

Michaela Seiser

Business correspondent for Austria and Hungary based in Vienna.

The interest group for the cable car companies has drawn up guidelines for the companies so that the winter season can work out despite the adverse circumstances. Cable cars and cog railways are public transport, which means that mouth and nose protection is mandatory, and users must keep a distance of one meter, if possible. The mask must also be worn in the leaning area. “This is perfectly integrated into fashion in winter,” says Franz Hörl, the industry representative.


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