“Can you hide the late Oh In-hye?”… ‘Oh Yeol’ Kim Yong-ho’s eye, Lee Geun, deleted SNS

[이데일리 박지혜 기자] Kim Yong-ho, a YouTuber who was ‘complained’ by celebrities such as actress Han Ye-seul and comedian Park Soo-hong, suddenly announced that he would stop his activities, raising curiosity about the background.

In particular, former Captain Lee Geun from ‘Fake Man’ posted on Instagram on the 28th, “Did you lie that my girlfriend died because of me? How long do you think you can hide Oh In-hye’s situation? The fact is that it will come out someday,” and some netizens speculated that Mr. Kim may be involved in the death of actress Oh In-hye. As of the 30th, this post has been deleted.

However, the YouTube channel ‘Chief TV’ on this day said, ‘”I introduced you to me!” In a video titled ‘Singer Wangi (feat. Kim Yong-ho, Entertainment Manager)’, a man presumed to be Mr. Kim mentioned the late Oh In-hye, and netizens’ interest continued.

Oh In-hye was found unconscious in her apartment in Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon on September 14 last year and was taken to the hospital, but died the next day on the 15th.

Photo = YouTube channel ‘Kim Yong-ho, entertainment manager’ video capture

On the 27th, Mr. Kim announced the suspension of activities through the YouTube channel ‘Kim Yong-ho, Entertainment Manager’ with 664,000 subscribers. “I’m ashamed of myself,” he said. “I have to stop before I run out any more as I start to feel that there are monsters inside me as I attack others as monsters.”

In addition, referring to Han Ye-seul and Park Soo-hong, who have been exposed to a series of recent revelations, he said, “You must have felt refreshed by my self-confidence, but maybe I was drunk about provoking others too much (I think). Too many grudges have accumulated,” he said.

Kim was unable to control his emotions for a while, such as crying during the broadcast. Drunk, cheeky, arrogant, I can’t broadcast because I’m too ashamed of myself.

The video was not seen the next day, the 28th.

Kim was accused of exposing Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend and other personal life allegations on a YouTube broadcast and Park Soo-hong’s alleged dating violence.

Among them, Kim raised suspicions that former Captain Lee was “the boyfriend of Actor A, who died in a skydiving accident in 2015, and that his work experience at the United Nations is also false.”

In response, former Captain Lee countered and sued Kim for spreading false information, and the case was recently sent to the prosecution.

Han Ye-seul ‘liked’ the former Captain Lee’s post sarcastic about Kim’s suspension of activities.

On the other hand, the YouTube channel ‘Garo Sero Research Institute (Ka Se-yeon)’, who worked with Kim, said through the community, “‘Entertainment Manager Kim Yong-ho’… I know it’s a lot of hard work these days. There were times when we each had a misunderstanding with each other, and there were times when we had different opinions. Still, helping each other in times of difficulty is the proper human form.

Kim continued to remain silent after announcing the suspension of activities.


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