Can you lose weight without exercising?

Specific sports practices such as tabata method o High-intensity workouts are effective for weight loss. But can you lose weight without exercise?

Possibly this is one of the topics that has been written and talked about the most in recent decades. In magazines, newspapers or digital media, but also in television programs or in books. Today it is an apparently inexhaustible source of content for profiles and social network accounts. As well as the axis on which multiple companies are based. However the slimming is not always approached from the health point of viewbut of the aesthetic.

The answer to the question of whether can you lose weight without exercise is simple: yes, but nutritionists warn that diets, especially the very restrictive ones, are not the solution or the most effective way to lose weight. Nor subjecting the body to periods of fasting without professional and qualified supervision or resorting to methods such as substitute products.

If it is not complemented with the practice of exercise, to lose weight only with food, it is only necessary to establish a caloric deficit. A hypocaloric diet, that is, ingesting fewer calories than the body needs, in this way it is possible to lose weight. This can be associated with a diet based on salads and grilled chicken meat, but it is not an effective or much less healthy way to lose weight. Luckily, the ideal way is much simpler and more satisfying.

Proteins, such as eggs or fish, are key foods to lose weight without having to exercise.

“We live in one society too obsessed with weight and not with health and happiness when choosing what we eat, and that has repercussions when we feel bad when we consume some less healthy food, a guilt that in turn has indirect repercussions in a lack of weight control and that causes the appearance of binge eating and disorders that prevent us from having a healthy diet”, explains the nutritional advisor Matthew Aunon. The key is a balanced diet.

How to lose weight in a healthy way if I don’t have time to exercise?

Many people cannot play a sport due to all kinds of circumstances and reasons, from little free time to certain physical conditions. Therefore, if they intend to lose weight, they should focus solely on food and the best strategy, respectful of the body, is changing habits. A messy meal plan must give way to a healthy and complete diet.

Entities in the health field, such as the Department of Nutrition of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in the United States, inform that a healthy diet involves incorporation of a variety of foods: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, legumes, meat, fish, eggs or nuts. Learning to create balanced dishes and organizing a weekly menu that is beneficial for the body is the key to that “eating well” that nutritionists teach.

What is the healthiest way to lose weight?

Health and nutrition professionals have a very clear answer: a combination of healthy food and balanced guided and regular practice of exercise. It doesn’t matter what type it is, whether people who go to the gym to increase their motivation, those who participate in a team sport or those who simply they go for a walkall of them will achieve weight loss.

Once the desired goal has been reached, always under the supervision of a nutritionist and according to the physical characteristics of each person, nothing else will have to be done to keep. Simply continue with the new eating style that has been learned and with the exercise.

lose weight without exercise

Physical activity and a good diet are the best combination to lose weight in a healthy way.

Physical and psychological benefits of playing sports

Implementing sport as part of daily life is one of the best decisions to take care of health, both physical and psychological. The health professionals highlight the physiological benefits of exercise when it comes to maintaining the ideal weight, reducing the appearance of diseases, boost the immune system and improve the glycemic regulation. As well as others, for example, the strengthening of muscles, an increase in coordination and reflexes. It even encourages healthy rest.

As for the benefits for the mind, the psychologist Jonathan García-Allen talks about the positive generation of calls hormones of happiness, such as endorphins, “chemical substances that produce a feeling of happiness and euphoria”. It is also an effective formula to combat stress and anxiety.

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