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Canada, the country of “the last chance”

According to a journalist from Toronto Star, the world is doing so badly, both politically and healthily, that Canada, where pluralism and diversity remain in order and where the extreme right has little success, could see an influx of more and more immigrants.

Martin Regg Cohn is a political journalist for the Toronto Star. He closely follows North American and world politics. This prompts him to make the following observation: “Canada is destined to become even more of a sanctuary than before. And more than any other place in the world. ”

Martin Regg Cohn explains in the Canadian daily that the world is going so badly that his country could see an influx of all kinds of populations in search of a better life.. He first evokes the political climate in the United States, where Donald Trump does not hide his presidential ambitions for 2024, even if it means having recourse to electoral butchering and demonstrations of unconstitutional forces as was the case on January 6, 2021. He also recalls that the country continues to be divided on abortion and the death penalty and is struggling to cope with the Covid epidemic. The journalist stresses that other countries are not left out. There are “Protests in Austria and Germany against health restrictions as vaccination rates remain low; the rise of far-right anti-immigrant parties across Europe; the decline of tolerance in the Scandinavian countries, which were until then models of progressive policies, if not of pluralism ”.

In these conditions, “The sense of American enterprise, Swedish egalitarianism, French idealism, Indian culture and Chinese ambition” seem much less attractive. Therefore, “More and more people will immigrate to Canada in the years to come. Not by choice but by default, because the other countries are failing ”. Martin Regg Cohn denies wanting to sing the praises of his country, whose problems he does not hide. It is above all by comparison that Canada, he explains, is attractive.

There is, however, a Canadian specificity, according to him: “Our right-wing personalities are (for the most part) different from those in other countries and those on the far right remain largely unloved by voters. Pluralism and diversity remain the dominant credo of Canadian politics, despite some occasional mistakes. ”

Previously, other countries, notably the United States and the countries of Western Europe, attracted those in search of social justice, democracy and quite simply security. Those days would now be over and Canada would be the country of “the last chance”.


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