Canada’s Olympic clothing made in China, Cambodia and Mexico

Thinking of supporting the country by purchasing clothing in the colors of the Canadian Olympic team? Well, think again.

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According to the verifications carried out by The newspaper, the collection of Canadian Olympic clothing, distributed and sold across the country in La Baie stores, is the product of manufacturers in China, Cambodia and Mexico. And not from Canada, as one might expect.

The Hudson’s Bay Company, official sponsor of the Canadian Olympic team since the 2006 Turin Olympics, confirmed the situation with embarrassment to us this week.

This situation is strongly deplored by the Canadian Textile Industry Association, to whom we have informed the news.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that this kind of thing is happening again, reacted its general manager, Jacek Mlynarek. It is a total lack of respect for our industry and the economy of this country that everyone should denounce. “

Not the same elsewhere

In our neighbors, the clothing of the American Olympic team is made by Ralph Lauren in the United States. On its website, the “Proudly made in America” is highlighted, as does Lacoste with its polo shirts from the French team, also offered to the public.

A simple visit to the flagship store of La Baie, rue Sainte-Catherine in Montreal, allowed us to discover the pot aux roses. Denim jackets and pants are made in Mexico, t-shirts are made in Cambodia, and most other items (windbreakers, caps, scarves, etc.) are made in China.

The Canadian Olympic team's clothing collection, available to consumers, comes from foreign manufacturers.

Photos Martin Jolicoeur

The Canadian Olympic team’s clothing collection, available to consumers, comes from foreign manufacturers.

The “real” facts here?

La Baie acknowledges that these garments, replicas of the official Team Canada uniform in Tokyo, were made overseas, hastening to add that the uniforms will be worn by some 370 Canadian athletes during the ceremonies in Japan. will have been made in the country.

“The uniforms worn by the athletes in Tokyo are made in Canada, primarily Ontario and Manitoba, with the exception of some denim accessories and parts designed […] with Levi’s ”, writes its spokesperson Lauren Polyak.

Deafening silence

La Baie was also unable to provide us with the names of Canadian companies that were able to take advantage of orders to produce official uniforms.

The Canadian Olympic Committee has not responded to our repeated inquiries on the subject.

The same silence from Mmode, which nevertheless presents itself in Quebec as the representative of the local clothing industry.

Asked about the reasons which justified its decision to have its clothes manufactured abroad, La Baie replied that it wanted to ensure “to offer a price accessible to all Canadians”.

An argument that the industry completely rejects, arguing that many studies have shown that once everything has been taken into account (transport, taxes, levies, etc.), it is more profitable to resort to Canadian manufacturing strength.

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