Cancel Culture: The Sad Fall of the Left

IThe “cancel culture”, which is covered in this way and which seems to take place primarily in the darkest Twitter refuges of some American campus linkers, is reported more and more frequently.

The ideological distortion of the open culture of debate and discussion has its origin in newer theorems from the Anglo-American area, as concept-empty as in their consequence decidedly anti-Western concepts of “critical whiteness”, “queer theory” or “gender” and ” Postcolonial Studies ”are also enjoying steadily growing popularity at European universities. Islamic terror regimes are subtly protected as countries oppressed by the West and texts are checked strictly positivistically for their “violent” vocabulary.

This decline in critical thinking promoted a virulent cult of sacrifice, which demands tolerance for even the most ludicrous beliefs and barbaric acts of terror in advance obedience. However, this points to a problem with the concept of tolerance itself: this can only be granted as long as it can be withdrawn again.


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