Canceling Marriage, Cita Citata Opens Communication Again with Roy Geurts

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Pedangdut Cita Citata is known to cancel her marriage to her fiance, Roy Geurts. After the cancellation of the marriage, Cita claimed to have had a chance to communicate again with Roy.

Cita also intends to invite Roy to meet to discuss their separation carefully.

“It was very close (communication again), and there was a plan that I wanted to meet, just to be good, the relationship was already an adult, it had to be finished well. Yes, it should have been done,” said Cita Citata, met at Trans TV Studio, Tendean, Jakarta South, Tuesday (4/8).

But the meeting was not realized. Even so, Cita claimed to have let go of her separation and for forgiving Roy Geurts.

“I’ve forgiven even I am wrong or he is wrong yes both forgive lah. That’s why I say making peace with the past is important, it’s better to live with what we have now, “said the singer The pain is here.

It also don’t regret ever having an affair with Roy even though eventually foundered. It also did not make Cita afraid to make friends again with Caucasians.

“No (sorry), different people are different characters, I hang out with outsiders not once or twice, my friends a lot,” he explained.

Now, Cita Citata chooses to focus on a career rather than thinking about the past. He focused on promoting the latest songs and developing the business he lived.

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