Cancer and Corona: This is how cancer patients should benefit from the new virus vaccine

A potential corona vaccine was developed in record time. This is a huge advance in medicine and should also benefit cancer patients.

  • There is hope: Biontech and Pfizer have developed a promising Corona * vaccine.
  • This could too Cancer patient help.
  • The vaccine could complement cancer therapies in the future.

Kassel – The New corona infections in Germany, despite the lockdown, “light” are increasing rapidly. Pharmaceutical companies are working flat out on one vaccine. Now he could Corona vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer be the solution. It should now offer 95 percent protection. Of the development in record time could also Krebs– Patients benefit.

The so-called mRNA vaccine is about to be approved. The vaccination does not contain that Coronavirus itself, but only the genetic information. That reports ““. With a flu vaccination, on the other hand, patients are injected with flu viruses – in a weakened form. This causes the immune system to produce antibodies. With the alleged Corona vaccination only a “building instruction” gets into the body. Antibodies can also be formed in this way.

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Corona vaccine: production in the laboratory possible

Another plus point of the vaccination: This can be produced entirely in the laboratory and in large numbers. At Flu vaccinations looks different. Viruses ripen in several hundred million chicken eggs every year. This is significantly more complex and takes more time.

The development of mRNA vaccines also offers for the Cancer research a significant benefit. Dirk Jäger, Head of the Medical Oncology Department at the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg, explains to ““That the treatment can be made much faster and cheaper. “With mRNA technology, a suitable cancer drug could be produced within four to six weeks. The process is not as expensive as producing a protein vaccine with the necessary purity, ”explains Jäger.

In contrast to Corona: Cancer patients require individual treatment

However, I need one Krebs-Patient, Unlike Corona, an individual drug. That has to be tailored to the mutation of the tumor. An mRNA method could significantly reduce the effort. By developing the potential Corona vaccine many other medical areas can benefit.

A possible vaccine not primarily in front of one Cancer disease protect. Rather, existing tumors can be combated. Patients often carry small remnants of it in their bodies after the tumor has been surgically removed. In this way, a vaccine can effectively remove the tumor residues, says the doctor.

The corona vaccine could also mean great progress for cancer therapy. (Symbol image)

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Cancer vaccines are not a substitute for traditional therapy

Every week or two the Krebs-Patient a vaccination obtained to stimulate the body’s immune response. Later much less often. However, those affected must first go through a classic therapy, such as chemotherapy. Will replace a vaccine So not the therapy, just supplement it.

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However, are Cancer cells, otherwise if Coronaviren, no foreign viruses. Cancer cells are mutated cells in your own body. They multiply in an uncontrolled manner and can grow into healthy tissue. This creates considerable difficulties. So it will be some time before an effective cancer vaccine can be developed. Still means developing the potential Corona vaccine a great advance in medicine.

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Cancer vaccines already available

Meanwhile there are already Vaccinesthat can protect against a tumor, such as at cervical cancer. This disease is caused by viruses – so-called human papillomavirus (HPV). To prevent against Liver cancer there is a hepatitis vaccination. (cheese) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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