cancer hit faster than expected, leaves two children behind

David, a 31-year-old Flemish man, died after battling testicular cancer in Kortrijk. The disease broke out in November 2021 and quickly spread to the lungs. Despite treatment, the metastases continued to grow, and in June 2022 it was a shock to David and his family when doctors told him he was terminally ill: “The pain in his lungs was unbearable, he felt like his ribs were being torn out,” his wife Stefanie told The last news.

On the night of Sunday September 18 or Monday September 19, around two o’clock in the morning, David passed away: “That night, I comforted our son Baptiste. Lena is still too young to realize it, but she senses that something has happened. I can sometimes see it in his eyes, ”continues the young woman. “David fought hard to live, but his body was completely exhausted.”

The couple got married in August 2018: “His life’s work was the complete renovation of our house in Kortrijk. But because of the renovation and our children, we were never really able to travel, we hadn’t even made our honeymoon yet”, regrets Stefanie.

David had a dream, however, that of traveling the Highlands (Scotland) on a motorcycle. To achieve this, the family had opened an online crowdfunding which had enabled them to collect 12,360 euros. This trip was scheduled for March 2023 but David unfortunately did not have time to realize his dream. His last wish was that the money raised go to his children. It was paid into a bank account which will be accessible to them when they come of age.

David Vandorpe’s funeral will take place on Saturday September 24 at 10 am at St Godelieve Church in Heule-Watermill. “He still chose the church himself. We got married there and Baptiste and Lena were baptized there. David was affiliated with the Ichthus Evangelical Church,” Stefanie added.

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