Cancún airport taken by storm by Quebecers

Cancun airport in Mexico was packed on Saturday on the eve of the new measures imposed by Ottawa.

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A Montreal student who was to spend several weeks in his father’s condo in Playa del Carmen decided to rush his return home, as the Trudeau government announced that from Sunday, until April 30, all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico will be suspended.

In a series of emails exchanged with the QMI Agency on Saturday, while he was at the Cancún airport to return to Montreal, the 21-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, indicated that the queue for registration was long.

“I spoke to a few people in the line who were being tested periodically here to have their negative result in hand when the measures were announced so that they could buy their tickets quickly,” he testified.

Initially, the student was expected to spend four to five weeks in Mexico and continue with their classes, which are taught exclusively online. His stay will have been half as long as desired.

He does not believe that many Quebeckers have had time to take a test, which has been necessary since the beginning of the month to board a flight to Canada.

“However, as Prime Minister Trudeau announced [vendredi] noon the new measurement, and that having a COVID PCR test result takes 24-72 hours, I think very few people could decide [vendredi] to quit today, but maybe a few people have succeeded, ”he said.

The student has said he will adhere to the mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

“It will not be too hard to respect the quarantine when coming back, since my mother and my sister live with me, and will be able to do the grocery shopping. As a student, everything needed for our session can be in our four square meter room, so it should be fine, but I admit I’m a little apprehensive about having to stay inside for two. full weeks, ”he wrote.

During his trip, he passed European travelers “who modified the PDF document of a COVID test result to change the names, so that they only had to pay for one test instead of several”.

The young man also made the decision to cut his trip short to avoid having to stay at the hotel for at least three days and having to pay an estimated $ 2,000 fee, as travelers will soon have to do.

We do not yet know the date of entry into force of this measure.

As for the suspension of flights to sun destinations, this decision was taken under an agreement between the federal government and the main Canadian carriers, such as Air Canada, Air Transat, WestJet and Sunwing.


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