Cannabis Expo: doctors respond to visitors about the use, who to consult and the quality of cannabis oil | It takes place in La Rural

General practitioners, psychiatrists and pediatricians attend to doubts and questions about the medicinal use of cannabis from those who came to the Cannabis Expo this Saturday, The second edition of which began this Friday in La Rural, with double the number of stands and pavilions, the participation of the State, the novelty of medicinal cannabis in veterinary medicine and the claim in question in the Chamber of Deputies for the Cannabis Production Law project , which already has half a sanction in Senators.

The event presents as a novelty medical cannabis for pets and offers the possibility of participating virtually in all conferences, workshops and interviews with a platform in which the contents will be available up to 7 days later.

The doubts of the assistants

“How is cannabis oil used?”asked one of the visitors. It was a general practitioner who replied: “I consume it sublingually and it is provided from twice a day on a tiered planWe do not give very high doses and we are seeing the patient. There has to be interaction with the patient because it is a very wide world and we always say that plant medicine is self-managed because the patient has to get involved and be active in their treatment “.

Thus, one by one, the responses to the visitors’ queries were added and the doctors were advised that always, it is best to start a treatment with medical accompaniment, that there is an infinite variety of cannabis and that you have to find the one that alleviates each ailment.

They also indicated that many doctors already use it for different treatments and that although it serves to treat knee pain, it is preferable to also see what is causing the discomfort.

Another visitor wanted to know cannabis is detected in a blood test. “The cannabinoid accumulates in fat cells, we can find it but not quantify it,” replied a doctor.

The specialists also warned about the circulation of many “truchos” oils, That is why they recommended sending them to a laboratory for analysis or in the different NGOs they can advise on quality. There, they also have lists of doctors who use it.

Expo Cannabis Argentina It is the most important event on medicinal, industrial and adult use cannabis in Latin America. His mega exhibition, which has national and international conferences, medical and legal consultations, scientific posters, workshops, among other things, will be available at the Rural until this Sunday 17.


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