Cannabis trafficking, the most common crime in North Africa

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Organized crime is a scourge that afflicts countries across the globe, from small island states to large economic superpowers, and is an underlying driver of many major geopolitical challenges, including conflict, political instability and forced migration. .

However, due to its underground nature, little is often known about how organized crime works in any country. To address this knowledge gap, GI-TOC developed the Global Organized Crime Index, a unique data-driven analytical tool that assesses 193 UN Member States.

In his report corresponding to the year 2021, Global Organized Crime Index indicates that Morocco, being “identified as one of the major cannabis producing countries in the world, almost all countries in North Africa are significantly affected by the cannabis economy, which has been rated as the most widespread criminal market in the region, with an average score of 6.92 ”.

According to the same source, “conversely, and unlike all other parts of Africa, the criminal market for flora in North Africa has been described as negligible (1.92). The region has very few forest areas, and therefore very few illegal logging activities ”.

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