Cannibal who killed his mother with a saw and ate her remains for about 15 days was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Spain

Illustrative image of a corpse.

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Illustrative image of a corpse.

Alberto Sánchez Gómez, convicted of murdering his mother and eating part of her body in events reported in Spain, was sentenced to 15 years and five months in prison, according to the Madrid Provincial Court on Tuesday.

According to the evidence that paraded in Court, Sánchez Gómez killed his mother, cut her body and ate her for a period of at least 15 days in early 2019.

His mother, who was not named in the court documents, was identified by local media as María Soledad Gómez.

Sánchez Gómez, who is 28 years old, was arrested in February 2019. The trial against him began in April and he was found guilty of desecration of a corpse.

The killer will also have to pay 60,000 euros (about $ 73,000) to his brother in compensation, the court decided. The judicial authorities rejected the defense allegation that Sánchez was psychologically disturbed.

The agents found remains of the victim in containers of “Tupperware” when they went to arrest Sánchez Gómez, according to information collected by the Spanish national police. María Gómez had not been seen for a month, according to authorities.

Sánchez Gómez had an argument with his mother before strangling her to death. The criminal then dismembered her with a saw and two kitchen knives. The young man kept some parts of the body in containers and put them in the freezer, while others threw them away in plastic bags. For 15 days, the attacker fed on his mother’s corpse.

Sánchez was nicknamed the “cannibal of Las Ventas,” in reference to the area where he lived with his mother.

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