‘Can’t hold on this way’; Chu to the technical problem in Gill’s batting

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New Delhi: Schubmann Gill scores a half-century in the first Test of the series against New Zealand. But former India opener Wasim Jaffer said Gill would have to solve technical problems in batting if he wanted to find consistency in the Tests.

Gill now wants to tackle deliveries from more inside the crease. This increases the risk of shrinkage in the LBW. Gill must be prepared to deal with deliveries that come in full. In full deliveries, too, the ball is pulled further into the gill crease and placed on the bat. There is no need for that, Wasim Jaffer said.

Jamison did not expect to get a reverse swing

Gill’s wicket was taken by Jamison in Kanpur. Gill responded that on the first day of the Kanpur Test, Jamison bowled very well in the first innings. All of Jamison’s spools that came after lunch were excellent. When he returned after lunch, Jamison received a reverse swing. “I did not expect to be able to find the reverse swing at that point in the game,” said Schubmann Gill.

India were 339 for eight at lunch on the second day of the Test against New Zealand. Southee dropped five wickets. Ashwin and Umesh Yadav are at the crease. Shreyas Iyer scored a half-century in his debut Test.


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