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Can’t speak out in case of domestic violence?Doctor: “Gesture for Help” is universal in the world-News-Free Health Net

The doctor said that if you have an extra cock and care about the people around you, you may help a person escape violence; the picture is a situational photo. (The picture is taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]A few days ago, legislator Gao Jiayu was agitated by the domestic violence incident. When the violence occurred, even the employees of the hotel she stayed in were not aware of any abnormalities. Therefore, how to ask for help immediately after the violence also triggered concerns. help. Chen Zhijin, an attending physician in the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of Chimei Medical Center, shared that the simple distress gestures initiated by foreign countries in response to domestic violence help the victims to escape the terrorist environment.

Chen Zhijin is on Facebook fanDr. Icu Chen ZhijinThe post pointed out that during the severe epidemic period, many places abroad were closed down, and everyone stayed at home, which led to an increase in domestic violence incidents. The Canadian Women’s Foundation (Canadian Women’s Foundation) and the Women’s Funding Network (Women’s Funding Network) initiative initiated a simple signal for help, Signal for help, so that people who have been victims of domestic violence can use it quietly during video calls on their mobile phones. Simply compare the help signal with one hand, and keep your hand on your chest as much as possible to maintain a normal call.

The approach is:

1. The palm is facing the camera, and the thumb is folded into the palm.

2. The four fingers bend and wrap the thumb, and the action must be repeated to attract the attention of the caller.

This handout was initiated abroad, hoping that victims of domestic violence can quietly convey a message for help. (Extracted from the official website of the Canadian Women’s Foundation)

In the United States, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped. While the gangster was driving, the girl made this “sign for help” in the car, successfully attracted the attention of other drivers and reported the crime, and was finally rescued. However, this gesture is not yet popular in Taiwan, but it spreads around the world through “Tik Tok.”

Chen Zhijin said that by knowing one more gesture, he might be able to ask for help or help others. And this gesture is not limited to use in video. If it is inconvenient to raise your hand, people around you may need to observe carefully. He also reminded that you should also pay attention when using it. The perpetrator may also know this gesture and be careful not to be caught.

Chen Zhijin emphasized that one more cock and more care for the people around him can help one more person to escape from violence.

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