Can’t wait to play! Insider reveals new Need for Speed ​​game could be released at the end of this year

Two years back, EA announced that it was developing a new game from the Need for Speed ​​franchise by Criterion Games, the developer behind the Burnout and Need for Speed ​​series, Criterion. How well is Games going to make a new title after Ghost Games has done a decent job in Need for Speed: Heat?

Most recently, Twitter user Tom Henderson has revealed via Twitter that EA plans to release Need for Speed ​​in September-October. Well, it’s the end of 2022. The reason this game took longer than usual was because Criterion Games had to halt development last summer to help DICE develop Battlefield 2042.

Now, however, Need for Speed ​​fans can only wait for the official announcement from EA, but I have to say that Criterion Games is another team that makes this kind of game quite well.


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