Cantaluna victims request a refund of their credit or structural reinforcement

Argenis Salmerón

Neighbors of the Pedregal de Cantaluna housing unit, requested the return of their credit that ranges from 300 thousand pesos to almost one million pesos or the structural reinforcement of the buildings, following the recommendations of the opinion of the Ministry of Civil Protection after the damage of the earthquake of September 7.
At a press conference in Pedregal de Cantaluna, the homeowners asked the three government orders to intervene so that Infonavit and Fovissste are responsible for the damages, because the insurer minimizes the damages and only offers from 30 thousand to 70 thousand pesos.
Neighbors pointed out that the opinion of the Civil Protection Secretariat recommends that if there are no reinforcement works in its entirety, the houses should not be inhabited, because it does not guarantee the safety and integrity of their occupants.
The protesters said that the insurer Agroasemex offers 30 to 70 thousand pesos for superficial damages, including 10 thousand pesos for two months of rent, which is not enough a month after the earthquake hit.
They assured that 80 percent of the residents of Cantaluna left their homes and the rest stayed in camps installed in the parking lot of the housing complex, suffering rain and sun.
The neighbor Paulette Campos Mejía demanded that the construction company Paquimé take responsibility for the damages caused by the earthquake of September 7, because she assured that she sold “disposable” houses.
He said that there are houses that were acquired three months ago and that the flattened one fell due to the earthquake, but there is structural damage and this is what Civil Protection establishes.
He added that the houses of 7 years and three months have the same damage, so he complained that “all the houses are made of paper”, and that they are losing their heritage, they did a bad job, the total structure of the towers, no they have columns, beams and foundations ”.
He criticized that Fovissste and Infonavit did not review the construction plans of the construction company, “this company made fun of us, it is a fraud, it sold houses that are not even 10 years old and have no public services.”
The neighbor Saúl Abarca asked the three government orders to intervene so that he “pull the reins” of Infonavit and Fovissste with the recommendations issued by the Civil Protection Secretariat in the damage report.
He complained about the insurance adjusters because they only take pictures of superficial damages, but “they almost force you to sign without having a budget, they manipulate you.”
“We tell the neighbors not to sign, we don’t want the money, I want my home to be rebuilt or else they give me my credit back and use it again,” he said.
He specified that in the case of people who bought their house with cash and did not have insurance, “this fight is for all of Cantaluna, we want that security that I wanted to leave my children.”
He said that the houses are 7 years old and another three months old and that they were built with poor quality material, “to knock down all the dirt and rebuild it again.”
A lady requested the visit of the municipal president, Abelina López Rodríguez, to supervise the damage to the houses, because “our children are living in borrowed houses, our children are outside of Acapulco.”
He indicated that there are families who pay house rents, because the house they bought is not safe due to the damage caused by the earthquake.
He stated that Fovissste and Infonavit continue to discount the payment of the house, “there has not been any government that wants to help us.”
He asked the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to address the Cantaluna problem, “we are not going to allow our homes to be forgotten, because it is our heritage from many years of work.”
He claimed that the neighbors who remained living in Cantaluna are in distress due to another earthquake that could occur, “they are playing with the lives of our children and ours.”
Neighbor Nancy Cervantes Espinoza said that the recommendations of the opinion of the Ministry of Civil Protection indicate that a structural examination of all buildings should be made, and the appropriate methods and techniques should be known.
He remarked that the document indicates that the construction company did not leave a space in the structure, in the event of an earthquake.
In addition, he said that the opinion recommends a laboratory study of the resistance of construction material to corroborate the quality.
He added that when carrying out the rehabilitation and reinforcement works, they must be supervised by a project manager.

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