Canton Uri – 32-year-old is swept away by cornices and dies


The man was out and about in the canton of Uri in the Chlitaler Firn with a companion when he was hit by the snow masses.

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The accident happened on at the Chlitaler Firn.

Kapo Uri

On Sunday, shortly before 8:30 a.m., the Uri canton police received a message from Rega that a person had fallen in the Chlitaler Firn. The deployed rescue workers were only able to determine the death of the man who lived in the canton of Uri, according to a message.

The 32-year-old was on the way to Uri Rotstock with a companion from Isenthal. Shortly after the Rotstock saddle, the cornices broke off, which caught the young man and was carried away. As a result, he fell over an 80 meter high ledge and another 80 meters over a snowfield and sustained fatal injuries.

Rega, a funeral home, the Uri Care Team, the Uri public prosecutor’s office and the Uri cantonal police were in action.

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