Cantonese media: Cannavaro’s coaching ability has been criticized Zheng Zhi or build a temporary coaching staff

Original title: Guangdong media: Cannavaro’s coaching ability has been criticized Zheng Zhi or build a temporary coaching staff

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chai Zhi reported: The Guangzhou Club announced last night that after friendly negotiations, it had terminated the contract with coach Cannavaro.

Cannavaro coached the Guangzhou team for the first time in November 2014, and then dismissed get out of class in June 2015. During the 22 games, he coached 11 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. Cannavaro later coached Riyadh Victory and Tianjin Tianhai; in November 2017, he re-took the coach of the Guangzhou team and has been leading the team so far. During the 126 games, his coaching results were 79 wins, 23 draws and 24 losses.

In 2019, Cannavaro briefly acted as the national team coach, and then gave up his position as the national football coach on the grounds of focusing on the affairs of the Guangzhou team.

Cannavaro coached the Guangzhou team twice with a winning percentage of 61%. He led the team to win the 2018 Super Cup and the 2019 Super League Championship. In the 2020 season, all four of the AFC and Chinese Super League are empty. Such a coaching transcript is obviously not proportional to Cannavaro’s annual salary of tens of millions of euros. Whether it is tactical changes, personnel use or on-the-spot scheduling, his coaching ability has been criticized.

Cannavaro’s contract with the Guangzhou team originally expired at the end of 2022. He originally planned to return to Guangzhou on September 23 to finish the remaining eight rounds of the Chinese Super League championship this season, but he eventually broke up with the club peacefully. .

The Guangzhou team is most likely to be the captain and coach Zheng Zhi as the executive head coach, leading the team to participate in the FA Cup and the remaining Super League games. Zheng Zhi may temporarily form a coaching team to lead the team through difficult times.Return to Sohu to see more


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