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With the new crown epidemic, schools at all levels across the country are unable to hold physical graduation ceremonies. Schools have changed to online processing. Yesterday (7) Kaohsiung City had only one graduating class at Cao Gong Elementary School. The robot appeared on campus to participate. Unexpectedly, the graduating class guide shed tears to exhort students to say goodbye. The video was widely circulated. Netizens ridiculed that it was a farewell ceremony. Anxiously, the principal Liu Chihui sent out a 1,700-word long essay overnight to clarify that the video is not the whole picture. The drama-sharing of the broadcast of the film has hurt the hearts of teachers and students, “I thought it would bring you good memories, but unexpectedly, it was stained with dust!”

This unexpected storm caused by the graduation ceremony on the Internet has attracted the attention of the founder of Kebe Robotics, Guo Liuzong, who personally left a message under the principal’s thousand-character text: “The principal does not need to write to the robot company anymore. I have seen it all. If you need help or support next time, just tell me, thank you!!” The principal Liu Chihui said very heartily about the founder’s concern.

The controversial video is 1 minute and 25 seconds in length. The screen shows the graduating class tutor Jiang Qianyu speaking with a microphone to 28 graduates who appeared on the robot’s face screen. At first, he choked with words to remind the students to be responsible for their actions. Congratulations After the students graduated, I am gratified to see that they have changed from being ignorant to being sensible and considerate, and finally calmed down, reminding students that attitude is everything, no matter how good their grades are, they must find their own strengths and move towards their dreams, and encourage students to plant seeds of hope in their hearts. , Be the master of your own life.

Because Bidian was worried about gatherings on the Internet yesterday, the media was not open for interviews. Instead, the Education Bureau provided a total of 7 videos on behalf of the Education Bureau, including a speech by the principal Liu Chihui, graduation certificates issued one by one, Kebby Robotics graduates singing graduation songs and tutor rollovers Wait.

Unexpectedly, the video of the teacher saying goodbye to the students was forwarded to multiple LINE groups by reporters in the Education Bureau group last night, with words such as “Is this a farewell ceremony or a graduation ceremony” added, and the video went viral.

In a televised interview with “Apple News Network” today (8th), Liu Chihui said that she returned home at 7 o’clock last night and received screenshots from friends from all over the world at 8 o’clock. The degree of transmission continued to expand, and she was shocked that something was wrong, and immediately contacted the team to appease the class tutor in the video. The tutor blamed herself for the first time. Later, a parent was arguing with other netizens on the Internet. She was reminded via the school’s Facebook page. , The video message involves slandering the instructor, so you should pay attention to “suspicious, check more, and don’t spread it indiscriminately” before reposting, and immediately published a 1,700-word long explanation at about 2 in the morning.

In an interview, Liu Chihui said that she posted a long post for the teachers and students of the school to appease everyone’s emotions. In the long post, she laughed at herself and said that she had no intention of making such tears, but in order to make the Keby robot go online smoothly, Info The technical team is urged to be very tired by her every day.

She also shed tears for the ridicule of Master Jiang, saying that because many schools closed Bidian, the teacher received the hard work of the school team. When she received the microphone, she took the students to thank the team, because one of her classes was still on schedule. The Bidian was held, “At that moment, our tears were also rolling in our eyes, because the teacher received that we wanted to save good memories for her and the students.”

Liu Chihui said that the 28 graduates of this year have witnessed the constant demolition and construction of the campus in the old and new era, and they have experienced a difficult learning environment. However, they graduated less than two years after receiving the new school building, and even the first completion of their life was not able to participate. The group of children left memories. The students who were suspended from the epidemic prevention could not get to the school. The team had to virtualize each student to log in to the borrowed Kebbi robot, so in fact, every robot face is the face of every graduate. The teachers and The students were exhorting face to face.

In the statement, Liu Chihui said that the dramatic film, including the pictures, explanations and responses, “really hurts the hearts of our teachers and students, because this is not the full picture of the graduation ceremony.” The senior students are young and have many ideas. At any time, the teacher can call for the teacher to pick up. When the children graduate, the teacher can appear 100% warm mother. Seeing that the usual naughty students suddenly behave, the teacher sees this scene, naturally, tears will fall without a few words. This is also widely accepted by everyone. Biography of the origin of this video.

Liu Chihui apologized to the graduating class teachers, students, and parents, saying that the widespread dissemination of the film caused everyone’s troubles. “I thought it would bring you good memories, but unexpectedly, it was stained with dust!” But she also said positively. Teachers and students of Cao Gong have always been optimistic, positive and positive. They lightly pat off this thin dust together. If they are not friendly, they can quietly explain that they hope that the outside world will see each other’s good intentions and original intentions, and that every event is a study.

Parents of graduates made a special message and said, thank the principal and teachers for giving their children special codes, saying that the children were not affected by this incident, and hope that the teachers will not be affected by sour speech; another parent who is also a graduate also said, Touched by the teacher’s contribution, the director called the parents one by one to make up for this matter. She thought the school was very well run, and was moved to tears by Master Jiang’s remarks. It was an unforgettable, special and unique Bi Dian.

Parents of other school graduates also encouraged and appreciated that this is an extraordinary Bidian, and many schools that show film roll-calls, “It is them who should be ashamed, not you.” Some netizens praised this as the world’s No. An elementary school that uses robots for online compiling.

However, some netizens bluntly said, “Creative, but the atmosphere is not good!” It is suggested that the robot can be placed on the stage at will, with dolls in the middle, and ribbons.

DPP’s Gao City Councillor Kang Yucheng also left a message and said, “It’s great, it’s great! The principals and teachers are really attentive. Thank you for allowing graduates to have such a moving graduation ceremony. I would like to offer my admiration. Li Yajing, a member of the Kuomintang High City Councilor, said, “President Liu and teachers ~ your intentions, I believe that students and parents can feel warm, and it will be better if you cheer together! Cao Gong Elementary School, fighting!”

Interestingly, Guo Liuzong, the founder of Kaibi Robotics, who sparked the discussion, also left a message and said, “If you need help or support next time, just tell me!” He also said that he would come to cheer up the serious principals and teachers.

In this regard, Liu Chihui said that because Jin is busy explaining yesterday’s Bidian related affairs, the team director and the founder Guo Liuzong contacted the team mainly to discuss the technical issues of the simultaneous use of multiple Kebbi robots yesterday. Professional and technical personnel Instructing the school’s information teacher to use it more smoothly, she feels very relieved that the founder cares about sending warmth at this time. (Reported by Zhou Zhaoping / Kaohsiung)

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