Capcom to fix Monster Hunter Rise stutters

Monster Hunter Rise freeze online Delete some friends

We told you about it just a few days ago and I myself was a victim. The free demo of Monster Hunter Rise, available until February 1 on theeShop from NintendoSwitch, was impacted by a particularly annoying problem: if you have too many people in your friend list(e)s, online mode of MH Rise suffers from untimely freezes. Every 2 to 3 seconds, more or less important cuts annoy the players affected(e)s. There is a solution, since it suffices to delete a certain number of contacts from your famous list to reduce the jerks. However, it remains rather annoying to have to go through this step to play properly, especially since even by deleting half of my list, I personally still had to deal with micro-freezes (but hardly noticeable this time).

Like others, we directly traced the problem to Capcom and this responsiveness on the part of the community allowed the development team to take the concern into consideration. The good news is that this bug will obviously be fixed in the final version of Monster Hunter Rise, coming as a reminder March 26, 2021 on Nintendo Switch.

For players using the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise, if the number of friends registered on the user’s account exceeds a certain number, the game will start to jerk. Please rest assured that we have confirmed that this issue will not occur in the full version. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.

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