Cape Cod: The idyllic peninsula off Boston

What makes Cape Cod so special? And when is the best time to visit the hooked peninsula in the US state of Massachusetts? You will find the answers in our series “Dream place of the day”

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Impressed by the almost untouched nature on Cape Cod, John F. Kennedy designated most of the island as a “National Seashore”

Where is Cape Cod located?

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What makes the popular peninsula so special?

Beautiful beaches, extensive dunes and muddy swamps: the Cape Cod peninsula, which juts out like an arm into the Atlantic, is brimming with natural diversity. So it’s no wonder that not only John F. Kennedy but also greats like Martin Luther King, Tennessee Williams and Benjamin Franklin loved it here. Since 1961, large parts of Cape Cod have been designated as a National Seashore and are under protection thanks to the then US President John F. Kennedy.

Popular Cape Cod activities include walking tours of Salt Pond Bay, cycling the Rail Trail, and evening walks with rangers looking for animals on land and water. If you keep your eyes open, you can see bobcats, horseshoe crabs, harp seals, dolphins, pilot whales and great white sharks. Cape Cod is a popular travel destination for the whole family, not least because of the partially still pristine beaches and the heavenly tranquility in the north of the peninsula.

When is the best time to visit Cape Cod?

The best time for a vacation on Cape Cod is between May and October, with temperatures between 22 and 25 degrees between June and September being particularly pleasant. During these months there are few rainy days, but a lot of sunshine.


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