Cape Verde does not recognize the regime of Nicolás Maduro and considers Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela

The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela and opposition leader Juan Guaidó

Cape Verde does not recognize to the government of the Venezuelan dictator and considers Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela, according to a notification received by the Colombian businessman’s lawyers Alex Saab, the front man of Nicolas Maduro, arrested in the country for money laundering.

The information, revealed by the Colombian radio WRadio, It is known two days after that same medium revealed that Saab did not present a diplomatic passport at the time of his arrest in Cape Verde, although the condition of diplomatic agent of the businessman is one of the pillars of his defense.

Due to the COVID pandemic, he was in the processing period, but the credentials showed that he was going on a diplomatic trip ”, said former judge and attorney for Alex Saab Baltasar Garzón.

Saab was arrested on June 12 when the plane in which he was traveling stopped to refuel at the Amilcar Cabral International Airport on the Cape Verdean island of Sal and following a request from the United States through Interpol for alleged money laundering.

Alex Saab, superfacilitador

Alex Saab, superfacilitador

One month after, Cape Verdean Justice authorized his extradition to the United States, a decision that your defense appealed immediately.

On January 4, the Barlavento Court of Appeal decided to give the green light to the extradition to the United States of Saab, a decision that lawyers have also contested.

After the arrest of Maduro’s front man, Venezuela pointed out that Saab is a Venezuelan citizen and an “agent” of the Government who was “in transit” in Cape Verde to return to the country.


Saab, which turned 49 on December 21, He always kept a low profile until he appeared in the press when former Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Ortega accused him, in 2017, of being one of Maduro’s front men.

The businessman, born in Barranquilla (Colombia) and of Lebanese origin, is related to several companies, including Group Grand Limited (GGL), accused of supplying food with extra costs for a program of aid of the Government of Maduro, known as CLAP.

A US government official indicated in July 2019 that with The CLAPs, the Colombian businessman and three of Maduro’s stepchildren, apparently made a profit with “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The United States also brought charges against Saab and his right hand man, Álvaro Enrique Pulido, whom he accuses of launder up to $ 350 million (about 296 million euros) allegedly defrauded through the exchange control system in Venezuela.


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