“Capital”: mattresses, “miracle” pills, CBD … The sleep business

It is one of the evils of the century. Nearly one in three French people suffer from sleep problems while the average daily sleep time has fallen below the seven-hour mark. Too, sleeping well has become a promising sector for companies, an 80 billion market worldwide.

Capital was therefore interested in this business of sleep, and in particular to the various remedies offered for better sleep. Among a host of miracle pills we find the cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule derived from cannabis and hemp. Élise has tried everything, and it is the only solution that has worked for her.

Unlike THC, another molecule of cannabis, it is not psychotropic, it is not a drug and it can be legally consumed in France. Some French companies have therefore rushed into the breach. But how effectively?

Find the entire documentary Better sleep: investigation into the big business of sleep in Capital this Sunday January 3 on M6 from 9:05 pm.

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