Capital residents are massively vaccinated at the Hotel Alba Caracas (+ video)

The mayor of Caracas, Érika Farías, described the start of phase II of the National Plan for Mass Vaccination against covid-19 as “a beautiful fact”, just when the International Day of the Adult and Older Adult is celebrated.

From the Hotel Alba Caracas, converted into a sanitary hotel, the elderly and medical personnel who were left behind are being immunized, so the authority called to go to this center set up in an easily accessible space.

“The goal of vaccinating 70% of the Venezuelan population,” recalled Farías from the capital hotel.

He pointed out that “this mass vaccination day is part of the resistance and victory in the midst of the coercive measures that the North American empire has imposed” against the Venezuelan people.

Farías said that thanks to “international alliances” it has been possible to have access to Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines, which will arrive in the next phase.

The authority stressed that along with the vaccination process, the communities have also dedicated themselves to fighting the virus “looking house to house for possible patients who have contracted the covid.”

He said that from this moment the Hotel Alba Caracas becomes the reference point in the capital for the eradication of the covid until the end of the year, but that this week other centers will be located in the capital city to serve the population.

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