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The luxurious lineup action thriller “Grey Man” directed by the Russo Brothers released the official trailer, with various exciting action scenes. The film, starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Reggie-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick, etc., will be released in North American theaters on July 15 , launched on Netflix on July 22. It is known as the most expensive movie Netflix has produced so far, with a production cost of more than 200 million US dollars, hoping to create a “007” level spy film series.


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Official notice:

The script was co-written by Joe Russell and the old partners Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who participated in the “Captain America” ​​and “Reunion” series. Based on the novel of the same name by Mark Greeney, it focuses on the former CIA spy and freelance killer Kurt. Gentry. The film tells the deadly confrontation between two killers: Gentry (Gosling) is hunted around the world by former CIA colleague Lloyd Hansen (Evans).

Video screen:

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