Captain Marvel 2: Could Carol Danvers Acquire New Power?

If Carol Danvers could team up with Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel 2, it would not be the only novelty integrated into the film. Heroin could acquire a new power, hitherto not mentioned in MCU projects. This is the “seventh sense”, mentioned in old comics, which gives Captain Marvel the ability to anticipate the future. Most of the time, the heroine has visions of the events to come during her sleep. Like the Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense, this power allows him to stop disasters before they happen. For the moment, no official information tease this new faculty in the film, but several elements allow us to think that it will be presented in Captain Marvel 2.

First, Captain Marvel’s powers are linked to the Space Stone: it would therefore be logical for it to have a kind of innate connection to space-time. As we know, the next Phases of the MCU and in particular the fourth will be mainly centered around time travel and alternative realities. The multiverse is one of the main themes of future films and Carol Danvers could integrate it thanks to this power of seventh sense in Captain Marvel 2. The heroine would thus wander between the different chronologies and the various versions of the world. As a bonus, Kevin Feige (President of MCU) has already indicated that future projects will be connected, which would link Captain Marvel 2 at Doctor Strange 2, and the series Loki and WandaVision. If this power would allow heroin to be even more effective, it will certainly take time to adapt before assimilating it well. Anyway, Carol Danvers should still work miracles in Captain Marvel 2, a film that could even lead to the creation of the New Avengers!


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