Captain Marvel 2, Doctor Strange 2, Avengers 5: What will be the last MCU film with Spider-Man?

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There is only one MCU film left with Tom Holland to uncover before the contract between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures expires. You may remember, but already, in 2019, the Avengers almost lost their new recruit because of a quarrel between the two studios! Fortunately, a few months later, Variety revealed the return of Peter Parker thanks to an unprecedented agreement between the spider-human rights society and the Maison des Idées. “As part of this arrangement, Spider-Man will also appear in a future Marvel Studios film“indicated the site last September. Next year will therefore release the last part of its solo trilogy, the sequel to Homecoming and of Far From Home. After that, the vigilante will be showing a last MCU film: but which one?

Peter parker

What seems most likely is that Peter Parker is playing in Captain Marvel 2, Doctor Strange 2 or Avengers 5. Indeed, in the following solo adventures of Carole Danvers (Brie Larson), we could find her facing the threat Skrull. There’s a very popular comic book series, Secret Invasion, in which this people capable of metamorphosis invades our planet by taking the appearance of famous superheroes. Now, in the post-generic scene of Far From Home, we discovered that their leaders, Talos and his wife Soren, had turned into Nick Fury and Maria Hill throughout the duration of the film. This alien race therefore connects Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. On the side of Doctor Strange 2, the link is a little less powerful and explicit. The common point between the two vigilantes is the place where their adventures take place, since they are both linked to New York City.

Peter parker
Peter parker

The spider-man is the protector of the inhabitants of this megalopolis, while the Master of the Mystical Arts fiercely protects the Holy of Holies from it. Finally, it could also be that the last film where Peter Parker appears is Avengers 5, for which fans already have their theories ready. And for good reason, it is thanks to Iron Man that Spider-Man joined the team, and he has now accepted that he is one of the most important members, despite his young age. So it would be a mess if he was not in the casting … However, if we do the math, the last MCU movie with the spider-man should be Captain Marvel 2, for the simple reason that his connection with Doctor Strange is not strong enough. As for the continuation ofEndgame, it will land in the cinema in far too long (we do not even know the release date yet). So Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures will not wait as long before bringing Peter Parker back to the screen, and should opt for a duet with Carol Danvers!



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