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Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions (Nintendo Switch) – Le test

by archyde

Shueisha Games, the name of the studio surely means something to you. Not necessarily the Games, but the Shueisha is surely the largest manga publishing house in the world, especially with the publication of “Jump”. With a catalog of monumental heroes, they decided to highlight their Jump+ digital platform, with the help of Momo-Pi Studio, which gives us a very nice puzzle game. So prepare your best brains, your best imagination, let’s go for Captain Velvet Meteor.

In his little world

Damien, a 10-year-old boy, has to leave France to go live in Japan. Moving like that from one country to another at his age is not an easy task, and we suspect that it can greatly disturb a child of this age.

The slightest little shocking, or bizarre, or disturbing thing can disturb him, especially in an environment that he does not know and does not control. Everything takes place within the framework of his house. The first “test” that Damien has to undergo is the death of a bird by his dog. Shocked to see this deceased animal, he then takes refuge in his imaginary world.

This world is that of Captain Velvet Meteor, Damien’s alter ego. The Jump+ Dimension then appears, because each situation will put it alongside a Jump hero (and who is broadcast on the Jump+ digital platform). During this first difficult situation, Damien finds himself helped by Kafka Hibino from Kaiju n°8.

Effective gameplay

What stands out when playing Captain Velvet Meteor is its simplicity and easy approach. The game is very permissive and above all allows you to have a lot of possibilities to succeed, there is not only one solution.

Each level is composed of a map cut into small squares as we are used to in T-RPGs. Here, no leveling up or complexity. Each character (you have 2) can move 4 squares per turn. Damien/Captain Velvet Meteor can shoot 3 cells in front of him, he will then inflict heavy damage. While each hero who will accompany him, a different hero by “test”, will have an attack, and above all a range specific to each.

These ranges and these attacks will also have great importance in the resolution of the levels, a duo attack is available when the 2 heroes are side by side. Often devastating, it is greatly useful and helps to clean up. An ultimate attack is also available when 3 golden orbs are accumulated. These orbs are dropped when monsters die, as extra moves.

The goal of each level is quite simple: you have to reach the end of the level, kill all the monsters, or beat a boss. You are generally very free on the number of turns, except when a bomb is present, it happens once per “test”. There are also a few levels that have a rather simple secondary objective to achieve (often, it happens naturally).

Very pleasant

You will understand, the gameplay is very pleasant and permissive. This is one of the strengths of this little game; it is precisely that it is accessible to everyone. In addition, each hero will have his own attack style.

Regarding precisely these manga, we find: Kafka Hibino from Kaiju n°8, Chrome from HEART GEAR, Slime from Slime Life, Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise, Ushio Kofune from Time Shadows, Princess & Ex from ‘Tis Time for “torture” Princess, Chloe Love & Kai Iod from Ghost Girl, and Loid Forger from Spy X Family. So 8 characters with their own attack patterns, duo attack with the hero and ultimate attack.

We can walk around the house, but it’s rather futile, it allows us to launch the tests (for example, we come across a cockroach in the bathroom), but outside there is not much to TO DO. Ah yes, find stickers to complete a bingo that ends up unlocking bonus levels.

In terms of lifespan, it takes 2 hours per Damien’s “test”, so 2 hours alongside the manga hero of the moment. It therefore takes about fifteen hours to complete the title.



  • Jump characters
  • Efficient and permissive gameplay
  • Damien’s story
  • All in French


  • We would have liked to have even more
  • A lot of manga are not known/available in France

Note detail

  • Gameplay

  • Graphics

  • Soundtrack

  • Handling

  • Contents

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