Captured! The new IP work of “Glory of the King” uses the material of “Original God”, and the article was quietly deleted after the incident 👀 | 4Gamers

Tencent’s mobile game “Glory of Kings” is about to celebrate its 6th anniversary. The official release of the new IP of Kings of Glory for the first time, unexpectedly was caught by sharp-eyed netizens. The official has quietly deleted the post.

The sixth anniversary of “Honor of Kings” is expected to debut on October 30. The official launch of a series of in-game events, annual limited modeling, etc., as usual in previous years, officially released the concept poster of the new game of Honor of Kings IP yesterday (26).

211027-koh- (1)

According to the official propaganda article, “Go to the vast land beyond Kings Canyon to meet more partners”, speculating that this new game may be an open world game. Coincidentally, the schematic diagram of “outside the canyon” actually uses the map in the open world “Original God”.

211027-koh- (3)

After being discovered by sharp-eyed players, the official “Glory of the King” did not give any explanation, but quietly deleted the post. Jingzhi Mutual Entertainment, who is only responsible for the advertising marketing of “Glory of the King”, issued an apology, admitting that “unreviewed image materials were used in the design of the suspense poster for the new game of King IP.”

211027-koh- (2)

Although there is a “plagiarism” storm, it is not a game that hasn’t been popular after the game came out. As for the type of this new King of Honor IP, it has yet to be officially announced.


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