Car crashes in Black Lives Matter demo – several injured

Horror in New York: A car drives into a group of demonstrators, several people are injured. The driver is arrested. Did she act deliberately?

In New York a driver drove into a group of demonstrators and, according to eyewitnesses, injured at least six people. According to a police spokesman, the incident occurred on Friday afternoon in the Murray Hill area of ​​Manhattan. The driver was arrested. It is still unclear whether she went into the group on purpose or whether it was an accident.

The injured were taken to various hospitals, their lives are apparently not in danger, the police spokesman said. Eyewitnesses reported that at least six were injured. They protested against the arrest of undocumented immigrants by the immigration authorities and supported the hunger strike of imprisoned immigrants.

Local media reported that it was a demonstration by the Black Lives Matter movement. According to ABC News, there were 40 to 50 people in the area. Some demonstrators were standing on the street and around a car when the woman drove her car into the group of people.


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