Car Crashes into Gate at Downing Street: Latest News and Updates

2023-05-25 17:40:23

Breaking: Sunak and Hunter were at the official residence when a car crashed into the iron gate of Downing Street in London

News from the Financial Associated Press on May 26 (edited by Shi Zhengcheng)Based on the reports of the BBC, Sky News and other local media,At around 16:20 local time on Thursday evening, a silver hatchback crashed into the iron gate at the entrance of Downing Street in LondonThe driver of the accident has been arrested.

For Britain, Downing Street is also a very symbolic street. For more than three hundred years, “No. 10 Downing Street” and “No. 11 Downing Street” have been synonymous with the official residences and offices of the British Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. At the end of the last century, affected by the active Irish Republican Army, the British government installed a large black iron gate at the entrance of Downing Street to protect the then Prime Minister Thatcher. This iron gate has also been preserved to this day.

British police then issued a briefing stating,Police at the scene arrested a man on suspicion of criminal damage and dangerous driving, no injuries were reported and the investigation is ongoing

(Source: London Police) The British media, which are good at digging gossip, got the surveillance video of the scene and the photos of the suspect’s arrest in the first place. Footage shows the car crossing the road in central London and appearing to apply the brakes as it approached the gate before crashing head-on into the metal gate.

(Site surveillance video: Source: BBC)

(Suspected man, source: The Sun) It is reported that British Prime Minister Sunak and Chancellor of the Exchequer Hunt were in their official residences when the accident happened. Since all government facilities in the surrounding areas were blocked, Sunak’s planned travel arrangements were also affected. The incident also coincided with the time when many civil servants leave government buildings after get off work.

According to witnesses at the scene, after hearing the crash, they saw many police officers holding stun guns and yelling at drivers, and then a large number of police cars rushed to the scene and evacuated the entire area.

According to the live broadcast, the British police have re-established roadblocks and cordons at the intersection, but the vehicle involved in the accident remained in place.

(Source: BBC)
Something similar just happened in the US

At present, the motive of the man who caused the accident to crash into Downing Street is still unclear, pending further announcement by the British police.

Coincidentally, on Monday, the White House in the United States also encountered a car crash, which was much worse in nature.

A 19-year-old man drove a box truck into a security fence outside the White House on Monday evening local time, and investigators confiscated a Nazi flag at the scene, according to court documents. The police then arrested him on charges of “attempting to murder or injure the President, Vice President and their family members of the United States”.

(Event Location, Source: NBC News) White House spokesman Jean Pierre confirmed on Tuesday that President Biden was in the White House at the time of the incident. He had just met with Republican House Speaker McCarthy on Monday night to discuss the debt ceiling.

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