Car news .. The price of the new Hama Beca Audi Audi Q3 and the reduction of Honda Civic and MG today in Egypt

Sign announced agent MG In Egypt about new car price cuts mg6 ,
The company said: The price cuts range from 7,000 to 12,000 pounds
Different car classes except for the first class of the car whose price has remained constant
without change.

Mg6 price in egypt

The first category of the car continues mg6 Availability in the Egyptian market at a price of 280 thousand pounds without changes, while the changes included the other categories as follows:

mg6 The second category at 300 instead of 307 thousand pounds, at a discount of 7,000 pounds

mg6 Third, at a price of 325 thousand instead of 337 thousand, at a discount of 12 thousand pounds

mg6 Fourth class at a price of 330 thousand instead of 340 thousand at a discount of 10 thousand pounds.

It was the first class of the car mg6 Its price decreased in September 2019 from 320 thousand pounds to 280 thousand pounds, a difference of 40 thousand pounds.

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