Car thefts, the hidden face of the Covid-19

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Although crimes have decreased during confinement in a general way, the same has not happened with robberies in pharmacies, robberies in second homes and even robberies in stopped vehicles, according to data from Specifically, the comparator has focused on the latter and how to avoid them. Because what are the most affected vehicles? What can we do to mitigate the risk?

The robberies with force in vehicles have continued during the quarantine due to the desert streets and the paralysis of the cars for weeks, facilitating the task of the criminals. Taking into account that 135,000 vehicles were stolen in Spain last year alone and that such a mishap occurs every 4 minutes, it is worth taking action.

The figures indicate that the vehicles with the highest risk are passenger cars (8 out of 10 stolen vehicles are passenger cars) and vans, especially if they are more than 10 years old. As for the most affected models in absolute terms, the list is topped by the Seat Ibiza, Seat León, Volkswagen Golf, BMW 3 Series and Citroën Xsara. Also the Peugeot 206, Renault Megane, Citroën C4, Volkswagen Polo, the Passat and the Audi A4.

The cities with the highest probability of theft exist – although the data may change during the different stages of unconfinement – are Melilla, Seville, Dos Hermanas, Parla and Fuenlabrada. By communities, they lead the ranking Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, the Valencian Community and the Canary Islands.

Theft coverage in car insurance
In case something could happen to your utility, it will be a great help to have theft coverage in car insurance, usually included in all-risk insurance and some extended third-party insurance. However, only 6 out of 10 vehicles have it.

This coverage protects and insures the insured in the event of theft (misappropriation with force) or theft (illegal theft without force) of the insured vehicle. It also protects the insured from damage to his car in the event of an attempted theft. For example, if a thief tries to force the lock on your car, but gives up and renders it useless.

The comparator of car insurance Acierto also reminds that the insurance will take care of any accident that occurs during the state of alarm, regardless of whether it occurs during a trip covered by law or not. .


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