Carabineros for a violent day in La Araucanía: “They vilely attacked our staff” | National

A bullet attack on the Carabineros, the burning of an evangelical church, in addition to the burning of forestry machinery and four trucks are consigned to a violent day in La Araucanía two years after the murder of the Mapuche community member, Camilo Catrillanca.

The first of the events occurred on Friday night on Route 5 Sur, in the sector of the footbridge of the Chamichaco sector, in the commune of Ercilla, where a vehicle was set on fire.

Faced with these events, General Carlos González Gallegos, South Macrozona chief of Carabineros’ Public Order control, condemned these serious acts of violence and rejected the armed attacks against Carabineros personnel.

According to the information given by Emol, the general commented that: “On the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of Camilo Catrillanca, order and security services were developed in the region of La Araucanía, where a march was started by Mapuche community members, who did it mounted and in vehicles motorized, where unfortunately there were a large number of shots fired by armed groups that viciously attacked Carabineros personnel “.

In addition, the representative of the uniforms added that the individuals caused injuries, damage to public property and that there were no fatalities after the incidents.

Faced with these facts, the Governor of Malleco, Juan Carlos Beltrán, assured that they do not help to fix problems.

In the palace of La Moneda, the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, He also referred to the sensitivity of this date.

Let us remember that in Angol, from Monday to Thursday, without access to the family or the media, the oral trial against 7 police officers and a lawyer, accused of the crime of the Mapuche community member, who is in the stage of presenting the evidence of the Prosecutor’s Office

For this Sunday, meanwhile, the communities plan to visit the house that Camilo Catrillanca was building at the time of his death, to later move to the cemetery of the Temucuicui community where a Mapuche religious ceremony will take place.


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