Caracol announces end; who will be finalists, prizes and more

In this season there were two notorious changes, Gabriela Tafur came as a presenter, and one of the boxes, the white one, changed color and was known as the rainbow box.

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Also, there was prizes for viewerswho are doing accounts about who will be the finalists of the contest and asking how long it takes for the program to end.

Snail Television He did not give the exact date, but in a commercial that he broadcast on his live signal, on July 6, 2022, he assured: “Grand finale the other week”.

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That means that the ‘Challenge The Box’ will broadcast its last chapters between July 11 and 15, 2022.

It should be remembered that the “reality” can be seen from 8 pm to 9:30 pm on Caracol Television. Its most recent episodes have made many speak, especially chapter 77, in which more than one competitor cried.

Who are the finalists of the ‘Challenge’, of Snail

Some bet that sean ‘Tarzán’ (who even talked about his injury to Carolina Cruz) and ‘Ceta’, on the men’s side, and Karina and ‘Valkyria’, on the women’s side, Well, they are the captains of Alpha and Beta, and they are among those who have stood out the most in the tests.

Snail Television.
Snail Television.

However, the names of the finalists have not yet been revealed and there could be surprises: the other men remaining in the competition, after Duvan’s removal, are Juan Pablo, Samir and Criollo, while among the women there are also ‘Alexa’, ‘Maleja’ and Karol. Moreover, it is not ruled out that in the final there may be surprises such as in 2021 when ‘Galo’ won, who was not the favorite.

How much money do they give to winners of ‘The Box Challenge’

Sebastián Martino, director of ‘realities’ and large formats of Canal Caracol told it from minute 2:46 of the following video of Pulse:

As said by Martino, there is $800 million at stake, $400 million for the woman who is crowned champion and the rest for the winning man.

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