Cardinal Norberto Rivera is extricated

The cardinal Norberto rivera He was extubated yesterday, remains in intermediate care and continues to improve in general, said the former spokesman for the Archdiocese of Mexico, Hugo Valdemar.


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Rivera had been intubated for almost 10 days and is in the hospital for two weeks, where he even received the last rites, a sacrament dedicated to people who are close to death.

In recent days, his former spokesperson has reported improvements and has even complained that the Archdiocese has not supported with the expenses, to which he replied that it was Rivera who decided to attend private hospitals.

After contracting the virus, Rivera began with symptoms such as “a very strong drop ”in respiratory saturation and lung damage.

The Archdiocese indicated that in the cases of priests or bishops who require hospitalization, “care (as was provided by Monsignor Francisco Daniel Rivera, auxiliary bishop, and the other priests who have required it) is provided through hospitals in the health sector, those private hospitals that are in the agreement established by the government authorities and temporary hospitals (spaces transformed for the care of Covid-19 patients) ”.

“The decision that bishops and priests receive medical care for Covid-19 in these hospitals is offered by the economic situation experienced by the Church throughout the country and in communion and solidarity with what thousands of Mexicans live during this pandemic”, referred.

The Archdiocese added that “those bishops and priests infected with Covid-19 who wish to monitor their disease through other means can do so, with their own resources or with the support that people close to them can provide. In the case of Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Cardinal Carlos Aguiar appointed a priest who has been attentive to the needs of our Archbishop Emeritus from the beginning. He Cardinal Norberto Rivera made the decision to receive medical care in the private sector“, I note.

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