caregivers also get sick

Caregivers also get sick from Covid-19. The contamination chain appeared last week among the staff of the Littoral Atlantique hospital group has not yet been dammed. In total, around a hundred caregivers had tested positive for Covid-19 in La Rochelle, around fifteen in Rochefort. A chain of contamination that would be present everywhere in the hospitals of Charente-Maritime. “We identify them because we test,” said the director of the hospital group Pierre Thépot.

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The day before, the latter had banged his fist on the table and circulated in the services an “alarmist note which had its small effect”, in his words. “I was able to observe deviations from good practices so I made a point of recalling a few rules. At the cigarette break outside, or at the coffee break in the hallway, we stand two meters from each other. The Covid -19, you don’t share it with your neighbor, ”explains Pierre Thépot.

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With nearly 80 caregivers excluded from the services, “an extremely dangerous level of contagiousness and the presence of the British variant on the territory of La Rochelle” says the director, the hospital group will therefore have recourse to temporary work and overtime. A call is also launched for retired doctors. The Atlantic clinic has already made a commitment to provide two nurses.

This Friday at the beginning of the afternoon, eleven Covid-19 patients were in intensive care at the Saint-Louis hospital in La Rochelle. Pierre Thépot always spoke of “critical situation”.

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