carelessness in parking your car could cost you dearly

Be extra careful when parking your car in a parking lot. Because last December, the Montgomery police zone (Etterbeek / Woluwé-Saint-Lambert / Woluwé Saint-Pierre) brought to light a new type of theft that was on the rise in our country.

Thieves, usually working in pairs, target a car that arrives in a parking lot. When the driver gets out of his vehicle, one of the thugs discreetly follows his victim into the store to discreetly look at the PIN code of his bank card when checking out.

Meanwhile, the other thief takes the opportunity to deflate a tire from the car. When the victim returns to his vehicle, she notices the problem and the two thieves then appear, pretending to help. The goal is obviously to distract the person in order to be able to steal their bank card without attracting suspicion …


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