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. Caritas international, the aid organization of the German Caritas Association, helps those affected by the hurricanes “Iota” and “Eta” in Honduras with a total of 300,000 euros and, together with its local partners, distributes food, hygiene articles, supplies people in emergency shelters with food and medication and gives to protect against Covid-19 masks and disinfectants.

“The risk of infection with Covid19 is particularly high in emergency shelters,” says Oliver Müller, head of Caritas Germany, “in the capital Tegucigalpa alone, 33 percent of all people in emergency shelters tested positive. The pandemic is getting worse and the number of infections is increasing. ” Honduras was hit hard by Hurricane “Eta” two weeks ago. “Iota” will now worsen the precarious situation in which the population in Central America is due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequences of “Eta”. Families living in rural areas are particularly at risk from the natural disaster, especially older people, pregnant women, children and people with disabilities are in urgent need of help. In addition to the urgently needed emergency aid, Caritas Germany is already looking at reconstruction. Especially in the badly affected rural area around San Pedro Sula, in the north of the country, people are being supported in rebuilding their houses or given help so that they can resume their agricultural activities and are thus enabled to earn a living on their own in a timely manner can.

Just two weeks after the storm “Eta”, in which more than 200 people died and a total of 4.9 million people were affected, the hurricane “Iota” is devastating large parts of Central America. “Iota” first hit land in Nicaragua with wind speeds of 250 kilometers per hour. Ten people have died so far, but it is feared that the death toll will rise. The storm “Eta” affected three million people in Honduras alone, 55,000 people are still housed in emergency shelters, and more than 100,000 people have been cut off from the outside world to this day. We are currently experiencing one of the heaviest hurricane seasons on record. The numerous storms are further evidence that climate change is leading to more frequent extreme weather events.

Caritas international calls for donations:

Caritas international, Freiburg

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Berlin

Caritas international is the aid organization of the German Caritas Association. This is part of the global Caritas network with 162 national member associations.

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