Carla Bruni explains why she does not do television shows with Nicolas Sarkozy

Rare confidences on the life of the singer alongside the former president of the republic.

Carla Bruni is now inseparable from Nicolas Sarkozy, her husband and former president of the republic. And while the singer’s next album, called Carla Bruni, is available, the latter toured the sets for its promotion, including that of RTL. The opportunity for Carla Bruni to make a revelation about her husband, about the fact that they rarely appear together in front of the cameras.

Separate professional lives

If Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy seem to spin the perfect love for several years, the latter rarely show themselves together on television sets. An absence that the singer explained, during the promotion of her new album on RTL at Eric Dussart and Jade. During this interview, the presenters mentioned a video in which Carla Bruni is interviewed by videoconference during an Italian program, while Nicolas Sarkozy is on screen. An image considered rare by RTL.

We are very united, but from a professional point of view, we try to separate things. We’ve both been high profile for a very long time, but for totally different reasons. We try to stay on this path.

If Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy wish to live their professional lives separately, the singer does not forget to support her companion, and vice versa. The woman confided, still at RTL, to watch “thoroughly”Nicolas Sarkozy, specifying that the former president of the republic“look at me when he can, but he’s still a little scared“.

A much quieter life than during the mandate of Nicolas Sarkozy. Because recently, Carla Bruni confided to having been afraid for her husband, but also herself : “I was scared all the time. I was scared for my husband all the time, I was scared of doing something wrong. I was afraid all the time that someone would make up or tell something […] I was afraid that he would be killed, that something very serious would happen. I was afraid of all these serious things on his shoulders.”

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