Carla Giraldo accuses Liss Pereira of cheating

Carla Giraldo recounted a situation which was presented with Liss Pereira during the show’s recordings, where it was confirmed once again that the relationship between the two is not good.

The development of ‘Masterchef’ It consists of cooking competitions that have a time limit for the participants, who must put down their work tools when they are instructed.

However, Giraldo said that during one of the duels between the famous in the contest of RCN Channel He had an annoyance with the Santander woman in the middle of the fight.

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Why do Carla Giraldo and Liss Pereira get on badly in ‘Masterchef’

The actress, who has a cat whose breed dates back to the 19th century, He told all the anecdote that triggered his bad current relationship with the santandereana in an interview posted on the Celebrity Map Instagram.

Giraldo affirmed that the event was presented in some chapters that have not appeared and have not been shown by ‘Masterchef’ and he stressed to his interviewers that “you know perfectly well that I tell things as they are.”

“We finished the challenge and when I turned to see her (Liss Pereira) was ‘salseando’ (applying sauce to the food) and they had already turned off the cameras,” he said and added that He said to the Santander: Why are you doing that? Don’t be a cheater ”.

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The actress assured that the comedian replied that if she saw her doing something similar, she would not say anything. “I said ‘well I would never cheat, then you would never have to say that about me’. That’s where our relationship broke down, “said Giraldo. about that conversation with the comedian.

This is the video on Instagram with Carla Giraldo’s story:

Where and when do they give ‘Masterchef’?

The ‘reality’ cooking show can be seen at 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays on Canal RCN, under the presentation of Claudia Bahamón, who in one episode cried for her father and moved viewers.


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