Carla Moreau celebrates her birthday on the set of the Marseillais and launches a small tackle

Carla Moreau seems to have launched a small tackle on her Instagram account. All the details here.

Carla Moreau on the set of Marseillais in Dubai, she balances on the arrival of a person. And yesterday, the pretty blonde celebrated her birthday with her classmates. A moment that she had not done since the shooting of Marseillais South Africa, since for a few years, the adventures take place at the end of the year. Carla Moreau was very happy to be able to blow out her candles with the siblings. And on her Instagram account, she took the opportunity to post a new photo with a little message. A text where there seems to be a small tackle to different people … The proof below.

“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ❤️. At my 24 years old and all my real teeth lol … So happy with all that life has given me. Thank you all for your messages ❤️. I love you”, wrote Carla Moreau on the social network. By specifying that her teeth are real, the pretty blonde seems to throw a small tackle to her many comrades who wear veneers. Obviously, you have to take it in the second degree! Otherwise in the rest of the TV news, know that Maddy recently made fun of Benjamin Samat on social networks and Internet users quickly reacted to the pretty blonde’s teasing.

Credits: Instagram carlamoreau_____

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