Carlos Bilardo tests positive for coronavirus in a nursing home

Carlos Salvador Bilardo, coach who led Argentina to conquer the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and lost the 1990 Italy final, He tested positive for coronavirus this Friday in a nursing home in Buenos Aires ‘The Senior Home’, where he lives, but his condition is stablefamily members reported.

Bilardo, 82, and ten other patients are infected and the former coach’s case is asymptomatic. According to a relative, he is “in good condition and remains asymptomatic.”

The former coach of Estudiantes de La Plata, Boca Juniors, Sevilla, Deportivo Cali and the National Teams of Argentina, Colombia and Libya he has suffered from a neurological disease called Hakim Adams Syndrome since 2007.

The ‘Narigón’ had tested negative in a test that he underwent in early June, after eight positive cases were discovered between four residents and four doctors, one of whom died. Former doctor Bilardo has been isolated along with the other infected people, added the source.

According to their children, Bilardo was isolated in the nursing home and had not seen his relatives for a hundred days, quarantine time in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area due to the new coronavirus pandemic.


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