Carlos Ghosn attacks France

Could the French government have done more to help the ex-CEO of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, now entrenched in Lebanon? In an interview with the Al Arabiya channel, the businessman attacks the French State, believing that he was “abandonedBy the public authorities. “The French government helped me in the same way that they would help any citizen, without more“, He judged.

«They briefly supported me, then abandoned me in November“Regretted the businessman, who considers that he has not received preferential treatment, despite his role as former CEO and his contribution”majeureTo the French economy. “They supported me the first month. I think this support should have been better. An official told me that if he had been President of the Republic, he would have taken me out in 24 hours. The American ambassador to Japan told his French counterpart that if I had been president of an American company, I would have been outside in 24 hours“He rebelled.

«They treated me even worse than a typical French citizen. It is a negative point that I retain against France“He added, considering that Lebanon was the”only government by his sideDuring these difficult times. “The only person who came to visit me in Japan was former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who met me for half an hour at the French Embassy in Japan when he represented Emmanuel Macron at the ceremony for the new Japanese emperor“Recalled the ex-CEO of Renault.

Without precisely citing a source, Carlos Ghosn reported that the lack of support could also be explained by the movement of “yellow vests” : “THEI was told that there had been a meeting between the French Minister for the Economy and two representatives from Renault. The minister said they could no longer support Carlos Ghosn because at that time there was the movement of ‘yellow vests’“, He said.

The vagueness remains around the circumstances of his departure from Japan

The businessman, however, refused to further elaborate on the circumstances of his incredible escape from Japan, saying it could hurt those who helped him. He will not tell of his escape until these individuals are out of danger. “Be sure that I help everyone who helped me, as much as I can, financially and in every way possible“, He assured, without going into details of the identity of the people who lent him a helping hand or the means used to flee from Asia.

The former strongman of the alliance said, however, that he himself had worked out his plan to leave Japan, building a “systemAllowing him to communicate with outside people, despite the surveillance he was subjected to.

“They were afraid of the alliance between Renault and Nissan”

Again denouncing a “conspiracy“Conducted against him, the Franco-Lebanese repeated that his fall was due in particular to his plans for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi automobile alliance. “They were afraid of a rapprochement between Renault and Nissan. They know I’m the only person who can do that, because I’m empowered by Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi“Said Carlos Ghosn.

Today, Carlos Ghosn explains that he was let go by a large part of his entourage: “everyone around me wanted my happiness. 98% of these people no longer speak to me, but 2 to 3% have remained loyal to me. And, of course, I will reward their loyalty. My fall has shown me who the loyal people I can count on“, did he declare. He promised to return to the “false“Accusations brought by the Japanese authorities”in a book to be published before the end of the year” The latter should contain “documents and witnessesTo support his statements.

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