Carlos Larraín fires “friendly fire” to overthrow Desbordes and asks to postpone the General Council of RN | National

The former president of National Renovation, Carlos Larrain, released an open letter asking to postpone the Extraordinary General Council agreed for next Saturday, January 23, where the party will proclaim its presidential candidate.

Along those lines, the formerly designated senator threw hard darts against Mario Desbordes, who runs with a certain advantage to become the presidential standard-bearer of the center-right store.

“The Council should not rush to designate a presidential candidate because it distracts us from what is central, which is to elect people who can make an effective contribution to the new Constitution, as well as to the municipalities and governorates,” the document reads.

Larraín proposes that the proclamation of a presidential candidate take place after the elections that will take place during April, as that “will condition all political activity.”

“Those elections will dictate a very different reality, which will tell us what room for maneuver exists and what combinations should be sought to prevent the Left from acting in such a way that conditions the work of the Constituent Assembly and its outcome. This will be decisive ”, he remarks.

Along with bringing up different internal controversies, Larraín warns that “the presidential commitment of Mario Desbordes is animated by a group capable of organizing real punitive expeditions against those who may interfere in the great plan of seizing, now definitively, National Renewal ”.

Next, whoever was president of the community for 8 years states that during a Regional Council there was an attempt to “destabilize” the presidential aspirations of Senator RN, Francisco Chahuán.

“Members of the group controlled by Desbordes or other precipitous aspirants, made public and discontented criticisms against the Senator to make him appear lacking in support in his own home,” he remarks.

During the day, Desbordes was involved in a controversy after claiming that some Republican Party candidates “exude poison.”

However, this is a true setback for the former defense minister, after receiving public criticism from an authoritative voice of the party in which he is a member.

Check out the full letter:


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